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Gillian has appeared in documentary films and on television, and been interviewed for radio programmes in relation to her expertise on volcanoes, earthquakes, natural hazards and general Earth science. Her special area of expertise is Icelandic volcanoes and geothermal energy. She produced her own film “The Iceland Hotspot Seismic Project” for teaching purposes, has written several popular articles on volcanoes and consulted on scientific films, articles and books. She has edited both scientific and childrens books and has written her own book on the controversy surrounding the origin of volcanic islands such as Iceland and Hawaii.




  • Draining the Oceans (National Geographic film, 2008)
  • Earth’s Black Hole (History Channel, 2006)
  • Supervolcano (Discovery Channel/BBC, scientific advisor, script consultant, 2005)
  • Earth’s Core (National Geographic film, 2004)

Self-produced film:

  • The Iceland Hotspot Seismic Project (Documents earthquake seismology project in Iceland, filmed for teaching purposes, 1998, ©University of Durham)

Television appearances:


Radio interviews:

  • BBC Radio Tees
  • You & Yours (BBC Radio 4)
  • Science Today
  • BBC Radio news programmes:
    • monitoring the 1996 subglacial Icelandic eruption
    • the 2005 Boxing Day tsunami
    • the October 2005 Pakistan earthquake
  • Radio Newcastle
    • volcanic unrest at Mt. St. Helens

Magazine articles:


Gillian’s research on earthquakes, volcanoes and GPS technology has been widely covered in national, regional and local newspapers in several countries, including:

  • The London Times
  • The Times Higher Education Supplement
  • The San Franciscio Chronicle
  • Morgunbladid (Iceland)
  • Reuters


Gillian’s research on earthquakes, volcanoes and GPS technology has been widely covered in national and regional British newspapers, and foreign publications including:

  • Volcanoes (Usborne Beginners book)
  • Planet Earth (Usborne Beginners book)
  • Planet Earth (Usborne Discovery Series)
  • Editor of two scientific books:
    • Plates, Plumes, and Paradigms
    • Plates, Plumes and Planetary Processes
  • Single-author book:
    • Plates vs Plumes: A Geological Controversy (Wiley-Blackwell)

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